When  I saw a Veteran that was living in a storage unit  and struggling to exist on 60 minutes, I could not quit thinking about it.  When his story was told all he needed was a place to live and work until

he was stable enough to move forward to what is next.   As we all know that  story is just one of many.  Recovery and Healing takes time at ones own pace.   There are several components that heal and nourish the soul after trauma,   nature,  nutrition, meaningful work, purpose, and creative self expression. 

All enrich the individual Spiritual Journey.


This is a secondary or third phase of recovery  program  where longer term stability and support system will increase the chances of a successful long term recovery from addiction and  ptsd.   Veterans will have a new mission of reinventing themselves while helping animals and other veterans.   If you would like to be apart of our opening team  as we build out our first phase please send us an email.   Tell us your story and what parts of the eco farm would interest you.  

You can write us or send us a video to 

Are  You a Veteran that wants to help our cause ?   

There are many ways to help.    

Share our Mission with other friends and Military on Face Book.

Sponsor a Cabin or other structures.

Be a Monthly Donor or Special Projects Sponsor  

Help gather items on our  Wish List

Volunteer on Build Out Days

Organize Fundraising Events

(motorcycle rides, fishing tournaments etc..) 

We Welcome any services, products, or skills 

you may want to share with us. 

Thank you for Caring!